Second Life ennui

November 21, 2009 — 1 Comment

secondlife-postcardNot too long ago, it seemed that Second Life was the next big thing.  For those involved in online ministry, it was the latest thing to do. Lifechurch and others opened up virtual campuses there and there was discussion of the spiritual condition of those who made commitments to Christ using their avatars.

The BBC just posted an article stating that Second Life is in decline and that people are quickly losing interest in it.  I haven’t heard that yet, but I do know that there is a lot less hype about it now. I myself have not used it in quite some time simply due to the amount of time it takes to really do anything useful there.

So – should ministries continue to spend time and resources in Second Life? I think “yes”. I wrote a while back about how it is important for ministries to learn how to use cutting edge tools, even if those tools eventually shut down or are replaced by something new.  By learning these tools, we can then easily adapt to the new technologies and continue to spread the gospel.

What do you think? Is Second Life losing its luster? Should ministries continue to spend time and resources there? Let me know your thoughts.


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One response to Second Life ennui

  1. Dave, thanks for mentioning this article. We’ve been discussing virtual conferences and the idea of the web shifting from a 2D experience to a 3D experience over at Christian Web Trends. I personally have found Second Life to be frustrating and boring so far, but perhaps that’s because I’ve been just going there on my own rather than with people I already know (which I’m going to try this week).

    Anyways I think the jury is still out on SL, but I’m interested to hear what others who frequent SL think.

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