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As many of you know, I am a professor in the Crowell School of Business at Biola University. Every semester, about this time, I put out a note to local businesses and non-profits to see if any are interested in partnering with my students on a new website. These students are upper-division business students taking my Digital Business course.

This fall, the students will be evaluating how well a small business or nonprofit uses all of their online assets. Each assessment will be customized to the partnering business, but, at a minimum, will contain evaluations and recommendations for the following:

  • Website design and content
  • Social Media use and integration
  • Mobile experience
  • Search engine results, including local search
  • Ratings on recommendation sites (Yelp, etc.)
  • Online advertising

There is no charge or commitment required for this evaluation, beyond taking the time to answer student questions. As a minimum, your business must have a website in order to qualify for this project. If you think your business or non-profit might be interested in partnering with my students on this project, please drop me a line using one of the links below.

Please respond by October 1, 2015.


I am happy to share that we have completed the work on the conference mobile app! This app has all the conference details, including session details, schedule, speaker bios, and logistical information. If you are coming to the conference, or if you are just trying to figure out if you want to come, go ahead and download the app. Here’s how you do it:

1) Download the “Grupio” app from your app store. If you are reading this on your mobile device, then just click the appropriate link below. If you prefer, there is also a mobile website version here.


2) Open the “Grupio”app on your mobile device and search for “”. Your device will download all the conference details.

That’s it, the conference information is now available on your device. I hope you enjoy using the app!

To continue my blog posts on the upcoming conference, I wanted to highlight our newest track: Education. Sessions in the Education track will explore the topic of using technology for academic and community-building purposes. We added the Education track this year after seeing such high demand for conference sessions in this area.

We are very excited for our lineup of speakers in the Education track. Here are some of the speakers you will be able to interact with at the conference: Continue Reading…