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twitterAs many of you know, I have been doing an “experiment” with Twitter over the past couple of weeks. My first experience with Twitter last year were frustrating and disappointing and I became a Twitter “hater”. I could not understand why everyone was getting so excited!  However, I did decide to keep an open mind and give it another chance.

Last week, Cynthia Ware came to my Internet Ministry class here at Biola.  Cynthia shared with my class her vision for the Church and new media. Especially interesting was her presentation of “New Media Values”, which really gave the class, and me, perspective on how our culture and technology are shaping each other.  I won’t present those values here, I will leave that to Cynthia (write that book!). Continue Reading…

As many of you know, my Internet ministry class is looking at Twitter this week as a tool for ministry. I myself am trying it out again, but I am not liking it any better. This clip from the Daily Show sums up my feelings on Twitter, here’s a quote:

Twitter offers real time access to some of our most important leaders’ and newspeople’s least important thoughts, 140 characters at a time. It’s no wonder young people love it, according to reports about young people by middle aged people.

Cynthia – save us!

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February 25, 2009 — Leave a comment

I’ve had a couple people ask me how my Twitter research project is going. I saw this picture (via today and I think that it sums up how I am feeling about Twitter so far…