Archives For CWC 2011

If you haven’t heard, the 2011 version of the Christian Web Conference is coming next month. Check out the website now while I wait… OK, so now that you’ve read it, you’ll see that we’ve added something new this year: hands-on tutorials. “What?” you say, “if I come to the conference I’ll actually get to CREATE something for my ministry?” That’s right, you will.

I am very excited about these hands-on workshops because it will provide direct value to ministries by giving them the opportunity to add something to their ministry or church right there at the conference.  These workshops will be led by experts in their respective fields, including three Biola professors! The five hands-on tutorials are as follows:

  • Lights, Camera, Action: Capturing Effective Video for Your Ministry (John Schmidt)
  • Beginning Social Media Marketing (Dave Bourgeois)
  • Editing and Presenting: Preparing Video for Your Web Audience (Gerald Fisher)
  • More Than A Profile: Social Media Strategy (Scott McClellan)
  • Free Apps and Resources For Your Ministry (Brandon Donaldson)

For a full description of these sessions, see the schedule page of the conference. If these sound like the kind of skills and resources you would like your ministry to have, come to the conference! Register now for only $79! I hope to see you here.