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Since many of you may be new to my blog and research, I wanted to make you aware of the “resources” section and some of the online ministry tools I have put there. The “resources” section is available both at my main site and my Facebook page.

One of my first projects in the area of online ministry was to seek an answer to the question: what makes online ministry successful? This led to the development of a research project to determine the “best practices” in online ministry.  From November 2007 to April 2008, over 300 ministries took a survey and reported on how they were doing Internet ministry. From the data collected, a series of “best practices” were developed matching ministries who reported success with their Internet presence with answers to the survey questions. I presented the results of this research at the Internet Ministry Conference in October 2008. Continue Reading…

The fall issue of Outcomes is now available online. Outcomes is the quarterly magazine from the Christian Leadership Alliance.  I am highlighting this particular issue because of its focus on the use of Internet technologies by ministries.  This issue includes articles by:

  • Drew Goodmanson
  • Cynthia Ware
  • Anne Jackson
  • Mark D. Roberts
  • DJ Turner

2009-fallThere is also an article in there that I have written which focuses on many of the same issues I raised at the Christian Web Conference this past weekend and highlights my Internet Ministry Framework. And yes, that is me on the cover.

I am pleased to see an organization such as the CLA spend time focusing on this issue. As I have stated before, as Christians we need to learn how to use communication tools well, and the Internet is the greatest communication platform ever invented. Take a look at some of the articles and see what you think.