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When I was at the TIEN 2010 conference in Turkey, I had a chance to hear from David Nolent, who is currently listed as a webmaster and team leader for Knowing God.  The ministry is a network of evangelistic and discipleship sites, including GodRev, TopChretien, and LookingForGod.

At the conference, David’s focus was on the use of Google AdWords and Facebook ads as a ministry tool. is one of the biggest Google AdWords users and has had tremendous success.  In this post, I just wanted to summarize some of what he shared with us. Remember, this advice is for those looking to pay for ads via the Google or Facebook networks, not necessarily general SEO advice:

  • All ads should be in line with your ministry’s focus and budget. They should be strategic!
  • 94% of Google searches use multiple word phrases, not single words. If you are going to buy ads, focus on multiple word searches.
  • You should take advantage of negative keywords as well, so you can better target your audience without being too general.
  • Use all the tools provided, including: Google Insights for Search (, Google Keyword Tool (
  • Customize your ads by location and by ministry, if applicable.
  • Facebook advertising is a bit more expensive than Google, but it is much easier to target your ads.
  • Facebook requires an image with their ad: make it relevant!
  • Facebook is relationship-based, so your ads should draw people into a relationship. Link to a fan page or something else within Facebook that the user can interact with.
  • When doing these types of ads (Google/Facebook paid ads), you should plan on doing a lot of testing first to see what works!

What is your advice for AdWords or Facebook ads? What has worked for you?