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March 5, 2009 — 3 Comments

web_searchIn my survey on Internet ministry, I asked the participants if they had optimized their site for search engines. Forty-two percent of the respondents said that they had indeed done some form of SEO. And thirty-two percent stated that they counted on search engine results as the primary means for people to find their sites.

I also left a spot for comments on just how these ministries were doing “search engine optimization” (SEO) on their sites:

“The more we are integrated with other sites (Facebook, blogs, etc.) the better.”
“Ask the congregation to search for the site.”
“Create web pages for other churches in the area.”
“I believe that doing SEO is just part of doing good site design. If you have a web site, you want people to find it. If you want people to find it, you must show up in search results.” Continue Reading…